The Next Decade of Global Beauty Trends

2020-2030 Beauty Trends

Get ready for beauty trends in a very different type of beauty industry. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution mainstreams over the next ten years, the beauty industry will face a force to change. Find out what your beauty shelf will look like in 2030 as we detail the predicted beauty trends of the next decade by global market research company, Mintel.

woman with her finger to her lips, thinking.

The beauty industry will be lead by YOUR voice.

Over the next decade, you’re going to witness your beauty voice getting louder. You’ll be demanding the products you want from manufacturers and stating exactly when you want them – and for the first time, your voice will be heard loud and clear.

The products you demand will be available at a speed we do not see presently. For manufacturers, it’s either they listen to you or they will lose you – to another brand that’ll respond faster to your demands.

The social media ‘follow-the-leader’ mentality will fracture. You’ll tire of being ‘sold to’ by brands and influencers. Instead, you’ll be looking for brand transparency and ease of purchase. Mintel state that consumers will “pick and choose elements of cult cultures rather than completely ‘following the leader’.”

person wearing a white coat, testing unbranded cosmetics products.

You’ll become a cosmetic science genius


No longer will you find it difficult to read a cosmetics label. In particular, you’ll know exactly what ingredients you’re looking for…and, more importantly, the ones you want to avoid. As a highly informed consumer, you’ll be making buying decisions based on your own extensive knowledge, non-negotiable product performance points, as well as company ethics, sustainability and lifestyle matches.

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Your beauty shelf will be entirely ‘clean’

Honest Beauty

Clean beauty will not just be a sector of our industry in 2030 – it will be our entire industry. We couldn’t be happier with this prediction. You’ll be choosing brands for their transparency, lifestyle values and eco-ethical missions. Beauty brands will also start to make use of waste, promoting ingredients such as ground coffee grounds and banana peels, as well as using entirely recycled materials for packaging.

An array of 'Honest' beauty and skincare products, pictured with other cosmetics tools.

The ultimate eco-packaging mission will be ‘no packaging’. Check out Lush who are masters in developing ‘hard products’ that require no packaging.

Your focus will shift from anti-ageing to longevity

It’s about time – no pun intended, that we will, finally, celebrate age. In fact, a discovery by L’Oréal determined that 40 per cent of woman over 50 feel unseen by beauty brands which just shows how age is generally left out of the diversity conversation in beauty. But things are about to change! Look out for an increase in new product releases that target the beauty concerns of Generation X women (the over 45’s). Additionally, there will be a shift (that Beautysyn is at the forefront of) from aesthetics to emotions and mental health (check out our about page and get to know us more, we’d love to start a conversation with you about positive change).

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Beauty will follow the fashion industry with a ‘slow beauty’ movement

Adopting a more minimal approach, you’ll scale back the use of cosmetic products and ingredients, making every purchase count by choosing thoughtfully crafted, high-performance products that meet all your growing criteria. All with eco-ethics taking a front seat. No longer satisfied with just reading the ingredients label, you’ll want to know everything about a brands values, manufacturing process and even supply chain before you decide to buy.

There will be a ‘blue beauty’ movement too

This movement refers to products that aim to protect the oceans and water supplies. The beauty industry notoriously uses a high amount of water in product production and use, and cosmetic ingredients that are potentially toxic to the environment, and marine animals, then leaving our sinks without a thought. Here’s to the beauty industry championing clean oceans, thriving marine life and free whales!

beauty trends: closeup picture of a sink with water running down to the train.

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The industry will follow the gaming and healthcare industries by adopting brain-reading technology

DLPFC Graph screenshot.

Facial expression reading is no longer providing enough information to analyse emotions. Mintel explains that brain-reading technology is able to ‘detect changes in emotional states and how this influences decision making’ and they will use this to inform beauty product development and predict the potential success of new releases.

Japanese beauty brand Shiseido is already on it. They’ve discovered that “functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) can measure the cerebral flow of blood response in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) during a single-use product application to indicate willingness to pay for the product.” Welcome to a brand-new world of product testing, development and advertisement.

Beauty Trends: Look to the stars – your 2030 products could be made using space inspired ingredients

beauty trends: virgin galactic astronaut lounge
Virgin Galactic Astronaut Lounge. Source:

According to Mintel, the advances in technology due to space travel will be ‘leveraged across other industries and generate [the] desire for products that support space performance’. Get prepared for ‘lift-off’ with next-generation galactic beauty brands.

Your bathroom might double as a professional skin clinic

With remote surgery set to become more commonplace, Mintel have shared a prediction that self-administered beauty and aesthetic treatments will also become the norm in our homes!

We’re not relishing the idea of this one – some things are best left to the professionals.

Lab-grown will be the ‘next-level organic’ in beauty trends

A team-up between Aderans and Japanese biomaterial company Spiber has resulted in the development of lab-grown artificial hair made of 100% protein that can be permed and coloured. As more lab-grown products hit the beauty shelves, it’s thought our comfort with biotechnology will increase.

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Beauty brands will team up with tech companies

By teaming up with tech companies, beauty enters a new arena where companies will use tech to protect skin health. Additionally, they will also feedback valuable health data to the user. Already in existence, are ‘smart swimsuits’ by French brand Spinali Design which feature an integrated UV sensor that pairs with your smartphone. Mintel explained that “…taking into account the user’s skin tone, it sends alerts when UV levels are high or [they require] more sunscreen”. Worry-free beach days here we come.

beauty trends: person holding phone in front of hair dyes, choosing the shade from an app.

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Our future industry is looking exciting! We can’t wait to see a more sustainable, truthful, consumer-focused, eco-ethical industry. Bring on 2030. Let us know the changes you would like to see within the beauty industry! Start a conversation about the kind of world you want to live in. We’d love to talk.

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Affiliate Disclosure: We are a professional website and may get commission from the retailers and product brands we recommend in our articles. This in no way directs or effects the content we put out, but it does help to keep the lights on. We are independently owned and the opinions we express are our own, and most importantly they are truthful.