Makeup Faux Pas – 10 Makeup Mistakes that make you look older.

A makeup mistake is easily avoided. Simply follow these steps to avoid mistakes that can add years to your appearance!

As living a long, healthy life is the ultimate goal, at Beautysyn we see ageing as a blessing. Whilst the term “anti-ageing” can be negative and unhelpful for our self-esteem as we inevitably age, we’d all like to preserve our looks for this wonderful life we have been gifted.

woman removing eye makeup, whilst wearing red lipstick, avoiding a makeup mistake.

Using makeup is a way of enhancing our natural beauty but it’s so easy to get it wrong, create a makeup mistake and add years to our appearance. When used correctly, you can create a youthful glow that emphasises all your best features. Take a look at these 10 surprising ways your makeup could be ageing you.

1. Using the wrong foundation for your skin type

There’s nothing worse on your skin than bad foundation. The formulation that worked for you in your 20s is unlikely to stand the test of time and give you the youthful look you’re wanting in your 30s and beyond. As ageing skin tends to be dryer due to the dip in hormone levels, powder foundation is your worst enemy, instead, opt for using a liquid foundation which you can apply over a rich moisturiser or hydrating primer. Tinted moisturisers are also a great option that will smooth and brighten your skin tone giving you a more youthful experience. Whatever you do, avoid heavily pigmented, full-coverage formulas. Additionally, make sure you have the right colour, usually one or two tones warmer than your natural complexion is best. Avoid the makeup mistake of using a shade five-times darker than your skin!

array of foundations and makeup applicator tools.

Avoid using a powder to set your makeup if you have a dryer skin type as it will seep into fine lines and accentuate them, instead opt for a setting spray.

And remember, the best foundation is good skin. For this reason, be sure to stick to a regular skincare routine using products that hydrate, combat signs of ageing and most of all assist in not creating a makeup mistake.

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2. Applying blush to the apples of your cheek

Contrary to popular belief, applying blush to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion does not make you look younger. This archaic advice is a sure way to add years to your appearance. Instead, apply lightly on your mid-cheekbone area and lightly sweep upwards and outwards. To find the correct colour for you, pinch your cheeks to see what colour they turn and choose a colour that matches your natural blush.

Be sure to avoid a makeup mistake when applying makeup to the cheek, pictured is a oman applying makeup to her cheeks using a mirror compact.

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3. Lining the Lower Lash Line in Black Kohl Eyeliner

Using black kohl eyeliner on the lower lash line highlights fine lines, drags down the entire face and can make your eyes look smaller. It’s an instant way to age your face!

You want your eyes to look bright and open. So to achieve a youthful glow around the eyes, opt for brown, nude or white liner on the lower lash line which will instantly brighten the area, making you look younger.

Pro Tip – Using black kohl eyeliner on your upper lash line under your lashes gives the appearance of fuller, thicker lashes and makes the eyes pop.

close up picture of a person applying eyeliner to their lower lash line.

4. Using mascara on the lower lashes

Same as above, applying mascara to your lower lashes can add years to your look. Keep this area light and bright. If you can’t stop using mascara on your lower lashes go for a clean, light application to avoid flaking and casting a shadow over the area which will emphasise dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Mis-use of Concealer

Despite how good it looks on your favourite celebrity or beauty YouTuber, the heavy undereye concealing and contouring might not be working for you. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to concealing the skin.

To conceal under the eye area, use a light-weight formulation that matches your skin tone and only conceal the areas that are darker instead of concealing the entire undereye area which will put any fine lines under the spotlight.

When concealing spots and blemishes, if you use the wrong colour you will actually be emphasising, not concealing. Colour matching is key!

6. Highlighter

Yes, we want glowing skin but heavily highlighting can kill your youthful appearance with one wrong sweep. Product placement is everything. Only highlight taut areas of your face such as the cheekbone and centre of the eye. Additionally, avoid highlighting your brow bone and around the eyes and mouth.

A small glass pot with makeup highlighting cream and a brush dipped in it, laid on a glossy white background

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7. Metallic Eyeshadows

Sorry merbabes, but metallics are out if you’re looking to achieve that youthful glow. Instantly magnifying fines lines and wrinkles around the eyes, metallic, glitter and shimmer eyeshadows will age you. Matte and satin finish eyeshadows will give you the flawless look you’re after. If you just can’t let go of the glitter, make sure you keep it only to the centre of the lid or use a fine pearl eyeshadow with a slight shimmer as a base and use your matte and satin finish shadows over the top to soften the look.

If you’re wanting something special for festivals or other wild occasions, consider trying out face gems for a fun way to add some sparkle to your look without adding years to your face.

Side note – Glittery and sparkly nail polish also age your hands! They particularly bring attention to wrinkles, so for this reason, they are best avoided.

8. Dark Lipstick

Our lips tend to thin as we get older and as tempting as they may be – darker shades will make your lips appear smaller, instantly ageing you.

Lining your lips with a shade as close to your natural lip colour adds definition, follow with a tinted gloss all over to give your lips a softer, more youthful appearance.

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9. Ignoring Your Brows

Our brows get sparser as the years go by and, furthermore, neglecting your brows can age you. Get your brows shaped and tinted regularly by a professional to add colour, depth and definition.

Using a natural coloured brow powder or pencil lightly fill in sparse areas using hair-like strokes. Heavily filled-in brows will also age you – it’s all about the soft, natural look. Caring for your brows is the cheapest, natural alternative to a brow lift. It’s magic how professional brow experts can transform your eyebrows. Schedule your next 3 appointments now and commit to looking after your brows.

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10. Over Contouring

While lightly contouring your face can work wonders, going overboard can make you look older, resulting in a big makeup mistake! If you over apply the product and don’t blend it correctly, you will actually end up highlighting lines and wrinkles. Blend, blend, blend or ditch the trend!

woman holding a contouring kit in front of a mirror.

What are your tip and tricks for achieving a youthful-looking appearance with makeup? Please share with us in the comments below!

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