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As the reality of self-isolation and lockdown becomes more apparent, we’ve all been focusing on different things. Many are choosing to focus on the things that they love and swapping lifetimes worth of rainy-day plans. Furthermore, they are choosing to look at self-isolation as an opportunity for practising self-love and prioritising personal growth.

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With increasing reports of many turning to Netflix and others reaching for unhealthy habits to handle self-isolation along with warnings from mental health charities of an impending emotional epidemic during the lockdown, we decided to turn off the news.

There’s a fine line between staying informed and being consumed by the crisis. We’ve decided to start discussing the things we love to do, the admirable skills we’d love to develop but don’t make time for, our deepest passions and all the wonderful things we dream about doing when all this over.

We found it therapeutic to hold on tightly to our dreams of the future and think about the activities that will benefit us physically and emotionally during this national emergency. It’s been a mighty conversation and we encourage you to have the same feel-good discussions with your loved ones.

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With the Government taking measures unheard of in most of our lifetimes, we now have time on our hands to learn new skills, a pressing need to be braver about our ambitions and a reminder, like no other, to look after our bodies.

Find New Things

Finding healthy ways to relax, getting creative and having fun are essential for our sense of wellbeing. Whilst exploring all the ways our content can give you a healthier outlook on the amount of time we will all be spending at home, we got creative thinking about the things we can do when self-isolating. You could have lots of mini wins coming your way if you focus on personal development and forming healthy habits. During this time of change, you can choose to make changes for the better and come out the other side shining.

Fight loneliness, soothe anxiety and battle boredom with our list of 50 things to do when self-isolating that will help you thrive despite the lockdown.

50 things to do when self-isolating during a lockdown

  1. Colour code your bookshelf
  2. Read all your unread books
  3. Build a beautiful terrarium
  4. Learn brush lettering and make an inspirational quote poster

  1. Start writing a book
  2. Get rock hard abs the Joe Wicks way
  3. Learn a new language with the Duolingo app
  4. Nail the at-home manicure
  5. Create the perfect winged eyeliner.
  6. Take a virtual tour around a famous museum

  1. Watch all 24 Vogue Beauty School masterclasses on YouTube
  2. Master the Marie Kondo art of folding and organising clothing

  1. Repair your damaged clothing
  2. Sell your unwanted clothes on eBay
  3. Dust your house plants and learn how to care for them properly
  4. Plant some indoor or outdoor flowers to brighten up your environment
  5. Work out with Naomi Campbell and her trainer Joe Holder on Instagram Live daily at 12 pm.
  1. Look into incorporating flowers into your skincare regime.

  1. Plan every detail of your next holiday after the lockdown is over with (and it will be over!)
  2. Learn how to give yourself a pedicure like an OPI pro.
  3. Finally get making that photo album and back up your pics!
  4. Use Skype to catch up with an old friend you haven’t seen for ages
  5. It’s time for DIY! Get all those little jobs done
  6. Up-cycle a piece of furniture
  7. Learn how to play a musical instrument
  8. Take a beauty shelfie
  9. Learn about how to grow out your eyebrows to make them fuller and thicker.

Beauty_Glow_Girl on Instagram.

  1. Learn how to knit
  2. Bake a fancy rainbow cake

  1. Try that crazy hair colour, during the lockdown, that you’ve always wanted to (it’s a good time to get away with beauty mistakes)

  1. Start a podcast
  2. Design a t-shirt
  3. Download ‘Netflix Party’ and binge-watch with your besties
  4. Host a Friday night FaceTime party – make cocktails, play music and dance on!
  5. Support a local restaurant and treat yourself to a take-out meal.
  6. Start a bullet journal

  1. Learn about a specialist subject and share your findings with friends (ask them to do the same).
  2. Get in tune with nature and start following the Moon cycle. See if its energy does have an effect on your mood and behaviour.
  3. Start a millionaire morning routine.
  4. Unsubscribe to emails that no longer serve you
  5. Detox your timeline – feel-good vibes only
  6. Enrol on an online course and learn a new marketable skill
  7. Try a new way of moving
  8. Cook your favourite restaurant meal
  9. Get ready for a night-out like Rihanna and then dance around your room. Take a superstar selfie.
  10. Learn how and why to get alkaline with Ross Bridgeford.
  11. Put Josh Kaufmanns 20 hours theory to test and see how fast you can learn a new skill

YouTube: ‘The First 20 hours – How to learn anything with Josh Kaufman”

  1. Take an online dance lesson
  2. Try out our Helpful Hacks to Make Facial Waxing Less Painful
  3. Treat yourself to the ESPA Sleep Experience for a deeply soothing, rejuvenating rest.

We hope you find our list helpful. Start adding to it with some of your own ideas along with sharing it too! Think about how some of our suggested activities will boost your emotions along with how these little things could make a big difference to your wellbeing.

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Why not get forwarding this article to your friends and family and get sharing your ideas with each other. Use our Self-Love Tracker to track your new healthy habits for four weeks and see how good you feel after! We’d love to know what new activities you’ve been trying and how you’ve been looking after your emotions, please use the comments below to share with us. It’s so important that we openly discuss our feelings along with supporting each other through this tough time.

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There has been no better time to explore the things that mean the most to you and we have the perfect free resource to help you. Our Feel-Good Goals workbook is the ultimate goal-setting guide to upgrade your life in all areas. We designed this workbook to help our readers discover all the ways they can make themselves feel good which is needed now more than ever. Simply subscribe to our beauty feed to get your copy delivered straight to your inbox.

Stay safe and keep smiling.

Wishing you all the good things!

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