How To Wear Bright Eyeshadow With Confidence

Wearing bold, bright eyeshadows and carrying those daring looks with confidence is definitely not a task for everyone. To pull off such off-limit shades, you need to get prepared beforehand. Also, apply the right product the right way, avoid common application mistakes, and keep rest of the look minimal.

woman wearing bright pink/peach eyeshadow & red lipstick.

When it comes to turning the peepers more expressive in a colourful and fun way, thinking outside the box always works. If you are looking for a way to get out of your boring eye makeup routine, vibrant shadows can be your best friend. In fact, choosing vivacious colours from the eyeshadow spectrum is the easiest and the coolest way to step out of your comfort zone and transform your everyday look. However, switching out the standard neutral shades or jewel tones for a multi-coloured palette is not enough to fulfil your quest for a bright-eyed look.

You must know how to pull off electric yellow or hot pink shadow with confidence so that your eyes do not look like a total disaster. The trick lies in prepping beforehand, choosing the right product(s), and following the guidelines that come with such intense shadows.

Check out how you can go bold with some bright choices and rock the colours with poise.

Why Should You Wear Bright Eyeshadows

When it comes to turning your peepers more expressive in a colourful and fun way, thinking outside the box always works. In fact, choosing vibrant colours from the eyeshadow spectrum is the easiest (and coolest) way to step out of your comfort zone and transform your everyday look.

No matter what your skin tone is, you can always indulge in some brilliant hues that will make your eyes pop and give you a dramatic makeover. 

woman wearing bright green eyeshadow and false lashes.

The trick lies in prepping beforehand, choosing the right product(s), and following the guidelines that come with such intense shadows. You should also know what to avoid and how to balance the rest of the makeup while wearing a vivacious colour so that your eyes do not look like a total disaster.

So now, let us tell you how to rock such off-limit shadows just like your favourite celebs.

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How to Get Prepared For Wearing a Bright Eyeshadow

Experimenting with the boldest shades is the best way to make sure that you bat your lashes to the right one. But before smudging a good load of colour over the eyelids, it is important to prepare them well for the dazzling makeover.

Find the Perfect Shade

Your choice of shade can make or break your look. Hence, be specific and careful while going vibrant. Either apply one stark shadow to create ultra-bold lids or blend two hues from a multi-shaded palette to come up with a pair of magical eyes.

When opting for multiple colours, decide on the base shade first and follow it up with the most suitable transition shade to add dimension to the previous one.

Tip: Test out a bold colour on your lips prior to wearing it publicly to an event.

Select the Right Product

Selecting the right type of shadow is essential to best pull off an intense eye makeup look.

There are both powder and cream shadows and you must single out the match based on how dramatic you want your eyes to appear. Powder shadows are the best choice for getting colourful lids as they make layering easy and interesting. On the other hand, cream shadows offer a faster application along with a shimmery finish and zero fallout.

woman's eye, close up, applying eyeshadow primer.

Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Prime the eyelids with an eyelid primer to hide all imperfections and discolouration while creating a smooth canvas for your bright shadow.

A cream shadow of neutral shade or a concealer base can also be used to set up a great foundation for the bold eye makeup look. This ensures that the shadow pigments get something to stick to and stay in place for longer. Priming also helps the colours stand out against the perfectly matte backdrop without clumping, creasing, and smudging.

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How To Apply And Flaunt Bright Eyeshadow Colours?

It can be tricky to achieve those striking runway or red carpet looks at home with bold saturated eyeshadow shades.

But once you know how to have fun with intense colours, you can brighten up your looks and flaunt them gracefully.

Express Yourself Better

Be brave enough to try vibrant shades while staying in your comfort zone. If you are not game for neon colours, simply opt for hues like bright purples, teal greens, turquoises, cobalt blues, mustard yellows, glittery reds, hot pinks, etc.

These will help you express yourself better.

Your Skin Tone Matters

No matter what your skin tone is, you can always indulge in some brilliant hues that will make your eyes pop. But make sure that you consider the skin tone before considering the shade of the shadow.

A colour that contrasts your skin tone will always help you get a pair of statement eyes.

Tip: Bright blues and purples look awesome on deep skin tones, shades of red and orange are the best for medium skin tones, and electric yellows and greens are great for fair-skinned women.

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Build It Up Gradually

 ‘Solid’ or ‘Rainbow’?

Who says that bold eyes are not for everyday life? Slap one fabulous shade on your lids and keep the rest clean to look absolutely gorgeous.

If you are ready to think beyond monochromatic eyes, simply mix multiple hues and rock a full-on rainbow look.

close up of a woman's eyes showing rainbow eyeshadow colours.

Build It Up Gradually

Go slow even when you want your eyes to appear the brightest. Dab a little amount of shadow on the eyelids and build it up gradually. Starting light allows you to add more colour as required later on and that too in a much-controlled way.

Tip: Be strategic with the colour placement.

Opt for a dimensional style or a smokey eye rather than applying the shadow across the entire lids.

Play With Intensity

woman holding pink accessory around her neck wearing monochromatic pink eyeshadow.

Play with the intensity of your shadow colours if you are ready to take the risk. Start with a white base or pick a shimmery formula. It will help you turn the heat up a notch without making too strong a statement.

Learn Day-Night Adjustments

Do not forget about day-night adjustments while donning vivid eyeshadows. To keep it subtle during the day, apply the product along the lash lines focusing on the outer corners only.

For night outs, find shimmery shadows and layer them up while blending from the lash lines to just above the creases.

Blend. And Blend Again!

Blending is crucial to make the eyes look natural even in too bright colours. Only expert blending can turn an amateur-looking eyeshadow application into a jaw-droppingly gorgeous one.

So, take a large fluffy brush and keep blending until the harsh edges get softened and the transition becomes utterly seamless.

Carry Yourself Confidently

Own your chosen shade and let that extra bit of tint fully reflect your confidence. A bright and strong colour itself is enough to give off a sense of elegance and you must wear it with pride in order to make it work.

Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Vibrant Eye Shadows

Mastering the application of bold eyeshadows can help you define the eyes.

But if you want to pull off the look with confidence and change the whole vibe with colours, avoid the biggest shadow mistakes.

too many makeup types on one woman's face, including red lips, smoky eyeshadow, pastel eye, blusher, bronze, multiple foundation shades.

Going Matchy-Matchy

Do not take the colour-matching rules too seriously. Coordinating the eyeshadows with the undertone, eye colour, or outfit will overshadow the beauty of your eyes.

Instead, look for complementary shades that will make your eyes pop.

Using Too Many Shades

Rainbow eyes appear cool as long as the shades are applied in a flattering way.

If you plan to wear too many concentrated hues on your lids, make them appear soft and well-blended. Otherwise, you will look more clownish than dramatic.

Applying Excessive Product

When it comes to applying vibrant shadows, less is always more. Piling them on your eyelids will completely ruin your look. Even perfect colour choices and good blending can also not save you if you go overboard.

Tip: A bright eyeshadow can be used as an eyeliner to turn up the volume on the eye makeup without stealing too much attention.

Following Wrong Techniques

Adopting dated application techniques for creating intense eye makeup will never make you look chic and trendy. Hence, do not go too heavy above or underneath the eye creases with super bright eyeshadows.

Also, keep it lighter at the inner corners of the eyes for a fresh and classy appearance.

Wearable Pink Eyeshadow Tutorial

How to Match Rest of the Makeup with Bright Eyeshadows?

While adding pops of colour to your eyelids with bold eyeshadows, make sure that it is balanced with the rest of the makeup.

Here is how to ease your way into this trend and rock the look.

Add a Touch of Liner

Always start with a bright-coloured eyeliner.

Just one swipe of a highly pigmented pencil along the waterlines will define the eyes beautifully while making it easy for you to flaunt vibrant shadows on the lids.

no eyeshadow: a close up of a woman's eye, with both black eyeliner and bright purple.

Finish Off With Mascara

After applying the shadow, apply a few coats of lengthening mascara to your lashes.

This will not only make the eyes look more dramatic but also give you a polished appearance by making the shadow stand out.

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Tone Down the Rest

It is imperative to maintain a clean, fresh, and luminous look while getting an intense eye makeup. A neutral base is the best choice for keeping things in balance. Also, play down your cheeks and lips to keep them to a minimum.

As your eyes are all set to steal the show, your hair, outfit, and accessories should also take a backseat.

Tip: Create a dewy look with an illuminator and apply a cream highlighter on your cheekbones to balance the vibrant eyes.

woman wearing minimal makeup wearing denim shorts, flowery top.

Follow the tricks and let your beautiful eyes get the spotlight they deserve through the best bold eyeshadow looks ever.

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