How To Groom Each Eyebrow Type

There are different types of eyebrows and knowing about them will help you find the most suitable shape for yourself. Learn why different brows need to be groomed differently and how you can do it like a pro. Also, find the most effective ways to keep your brows thick, healthy, and balanced.

From pencil-thin to caterpillar-thick, eyebrows are having a major moment these days.

It is the eyebrow shape that carries the highest value of our face. But the secret to rocking a pair of amazing eyebrows lies in proper grooming techniques.

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Are your brows fuller and shaped properly or, are they thin, patchy, and overplucked?

Just stand in front of the mirror and try to figure out how your brow hairs are making the difference. Having symmetrical brows that suit the face shape is insanely important to frame the eyes well and highlight the best facial features. However, not all eyebrows come equal and it takes time to find the ideal angle for an optimal arch.

We tell you about different types of brows, why you should groom them differently, and how to master the art of enhancing each type of brow to look glamorous instantly.

Here we go.

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What Are Different Types Of Eyebrow Shape?  

When you arm yourself with the right eyebrow grooming tricks, it becomes easy to take your look to an entirely new level.

So, start with brushing up your knowledge on the most flattering brow shape types.

Thick Eyebrows

Thick brows are in fashion now. Although they grow really fast, you can still look fabulous by flaunting a fuller look. Just shape them up wonderfully to suit your face.

Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows give a barely-there look. However, you can turn them fuller and thicker by following proper grooming and makeup tips.

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Short Eyebrows

If the growth of brow hairs is lower than usual, the brow becomes short yet easy to groom. The presence of short, thin eyebrows could barely be found while short thick brows look bold and youthful.

Long Eyebrows

Being longer than usual in length, these brows are often given the name ‘tailed-edge’. Sometimes, they even extend well beyond the outer corners of eyes, creating the dramatic ‘extra-long tails.

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Straight Eyebrows

When the eyebrow lacks a significant arch, it looks pretty straight and needs very less grooming. Straight brows are quite common and can look amazing irrespective of their length and width.

Curved Eyebrows

Eyebrows with clearly visible curves look great on women with any face shape. They complement the rest of the facial features beautifully. But very few of us are lucky to have such gorgeously curved brows.

Rounded Eyebrows

A softly rounded brow often looks more flattering than a curvy one with a somewhat prominent angle. Typically, such brows come with the perfect round shape on each side of the face.

Natural-Arch Eyebrows

Subtle, natural arches on the eyebrows create a fantastic look without significant shaping or grooming. Whether arched toward the centre or the end, they look naturally symmetrical and balanced.

High-Arch Eyebrows

This dramatic brow style gives an extra-defined look easily. They come with arches well-above the brow bones and towards the tails. However, such high arches need enough skill and effort for maintenance.

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Why Do Eyebrows Need To Be Groomed Differently?

From accentuating eyes to facilitating communication, eyebrows perform many functions simultaneously. So, finding the most flattering arches will support their versatility. But there is no one-size-fits-all rule for the brow shape. Hence, you must know why it is crucial to shaping up different brows differently before trying your hand at it.

To Open Up the Eyes

When it comes to the shape and size of eyes, we all are exceptional in our own ways. So, choosing a unique arch for each type of brow frames the eyes distinctively and opens up the entire eye area.

It also creates a rested and lifted look instead of making the eyes appear droopy, tired, or aged.

To Improve the Face Shape

The shapes of our eyebrows are highly influenced by the shapes of our face. As you cannot alter your face shape, it is a wise idea to figure out the most suitable brow shape for it. Thus, it is possible to create the illusion of an enhanced appearance.

a woman pictured with defined eyebrows with a dark green background.

To Create A Facial Symmetry

None of us has a perfectly symmetrical face. But a pair of uneven or wrongly groomed eyebrows hurt the facial balance even more. Therefore, finding the right shape is essential for each individual to make the face appear well-proportioned.

To Camouflage Facial Flaws

Well-groomed brow hairs define beauty by both highlighting the best features and rectifying minor flaws. But your most attractive facial features are unique and so are your flaws. That is why shaping your brows precisely is imperative.

To Look More Youthful

Strong and fuller brows can refine your look by taking years off your face. When the brow arches fit the face nicely, you look younger, charming, and more polished. They also help brighten up the appearance even when you have zero makeup on.

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To Express Emotions

Eyebrows are one of the most powerful non-verbal indicators. They can give us a deep insight into someone’s personality by expressing a variety of emotions. Hence, grooming them differently for different individuals is required for creating expressive appearances.

close up picture of a woman having her eyebrows threaded, which is not recommended for sensitive skin.

How Should You Groom Different Types Of Eyebrows?

Grooming the brows right is essential to go trendy or timeless with them.

Take both the contour of your face and your natural eyebrow shape into consideration for achieving a perfectly sculpted look.

Thick Eyebrows

Apart from the monthly threading sessions, you will need to pluck out the stray brow hairs with a good pair of tweezers. But stick to the natural curve of your brows instead of thinning them out heavily.

Tip: A disposable razor can also be used to scrape stray hairs from their roots against the direction of their growth.

Thin Eyebrows

Do not shape your thin eyebrows too much. Rather, tweeze out the extras and create a naturally fuller look by using an eyebrow pencil or powder of the same colour as your eyebrows.

Short Eyebrows

Add a bit more length to your short eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow filler or an angled eyebrow pencil. Just focus on the ends of the brows and create the desired shape.

Long Eyebrows

Make use of a brow pomade that is identical in shade to your actual brow hairs. It will help you create a symmetrical look by adding a touch of tapered length to the edges of your long eyebrows.

Straight Eyebrows

Straight brows need to be brushed gently with a clean spoolie. Also, build slight curves towards the outer ends with a brow pencil instead of creating a pronounced artificial arch.

Curved Eyebrows

Bring balance to your face shape by focusing on the soft arches inside your curved eyebrows. Plucking out the stray hairs as and when needed is also important to maintain an enhanced look.

Tip: While trimming the tops of the brows, make use of an electronic razor or a pair of dedicated scissors.

Rounded Eyebrows

An eyebrow stencil helps add killer arches to the softly rounded eyebrows. This also makes the facial features look elongated and more defined.

Natural-Arch Eyebrows

Brows with natural arches do not need much effort for grooming and maintenance. Just get rid of the stray hairs under the highest parts of the arches and fill in the sparse areas with a brow pencil.

High-Arch Eyebrows

Eyebrows with high arches or angled peaks are high-maintenance. So, keep them neat and tidy by tweezing stray hairs regularly. A pencil can also be used to make the arches look soft or edgy.

Eyebrow Grooming Tutorial in 6 Steps

How To Keep Your Eyebrows Thick And Healthy?  

Caterpillar-thick brows are certainly not for everyone. But you can still grow your eyebrows thicker and fuller. All you need to do is follow a few natural home remedies or simple grooming tricks.

Natural Oils

Massage the entire eyebrow area with natural oils in a regular manner. Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, etc. can make the brow hairs healthier over time.

two hands pictured with one pouring a small bottle of essential oils into the other.

Aloe Vera Gel

Apply freshly extracted aloe vera gel to your brows daily. The compound called Aloenin in it makes it an excellent natural hair growth supplement.

Egg Yolk

Keep your brow shape intact by providing enough protein and biotin to the hair strands. Just use a simple egg yolk mask twice every week for this purpose.

Petroleum Jelly

The application of pure petroleum jelly every night can condition a brow deeply. It can also grow it out longer and keep the arch healthy.

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Grooming Tricks

Adopting smart grooming techniques will always pay off for your brows. Make it a habit to brush the eyebrow hairs gently every day.

You should also steer clear of creams and lotions to avoid pore-clogging. Rather, use a natural homemade serum to promote the growth of the brows. Lastly, never ever go overboard with tweezing, waxing, or trimming.

So, rock a pair of well-groomed eyebrows and steal the spotlight.

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