How To Develop An Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

The environment needs us now more than ever therefore, a green, eco-friendly beauty routine is the way to go for the eco-conscious soul. So, when it comes to your beauty routine, simplifying it can cut down on the damage you are personally causing to the environment.

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This can be done in many ways including opting for multi-purpose products and using homemade remedies for skincare. In addition to this removing, unnecessary products will cut down on our usage of natural resources. Replacing products with Eco-Friendly versions will also transform your beauty routine more green and environmentally efficient shift.

While it might seem like the difference you can make will be inconsequential, every little help. Imagine if thousands of people start making Eco-Friendly changes. The impact this can eventually have on the environment can make a noticeable difference.

So, we’re going to show you the simple changes that we can make to develop an Eco-Friendly beauty routine to do the environment (and ourselves) a great deal of good. 

Why Is It Important To Switch to Eco-Friendly Beauty Product

Protecting the environment is as essential to life as breathing because the environment is literally our source of oxygen. Deforestation to build concrete jungles and uncontrolled disposal of hazardous waste into the environment has drastic and detrimental effects on flora, fauna, and human life. Additionally, the materials used to manufacture various products that we use every day are often non-renewable sources.

To reduce the negative impact we are having on the environment it is vital that the necessary measures are taken and implemented every single day. This can reduce the burden on the environment to protect our futures and keep Mother Nature happy. 

Many ingredients found in beauty products such as sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic dyes, fragrances, and PET enter the environment when we dispose of these products. They are ingested by aquatic wildlife and can cause disastrous effects on the biosphere. 

The packaging made with cardboard is a product of deforestation and the plastic used is synthetically manufactured. Plastics, glass, and harmful chemicals can take ages to biodegrade in the environment. These effects will, in turn, impact human life. And this is not far into the future.

The effects are being noticed currently as many key components of the environment are being overturned. This is due to increased waste disposal of chemical ingredients and materials that are not environment-friendly. It is not just the marine life that is affected, even land animals and birds are affected because of it.

a collection of body shop products, including a body brush, body scrub glove and body scrunchie. on a wooden background with black mat and a bamboo leaf.

Many animals are dying in large numbers causing chaos in the ecosystem. The easiest way to reduce this negative impact on our surrounding is by going green and using environment-friendly beauty products and ensuring that wastes are disposed of appropriately.

How To Distinguish Which Beauty Products Are Eco-Friendly?

Many brands are venturing into being Eco-Friendly and producing products that are kinder to the planet. Some companies have been doing this for a couple of years now. However, others have recently started picking up the sustainability, Eco-Friendly, cruelty-free or vegan baton.

Laws regulate companies to specify if the products fall into any of these categories and companies are more than happy to use this as a marketing strategy. With the increase in the general population opting for green alternatives for every item they use, including beauty products, here are some tips that can help you along the way.

choosing Eco-friendly: bamboo makeup brushes within a brush roll pack, leaves to the side on a black background

Makeup Brushes

When purchasing brushes of any kind, such as hair brushes, makeup brushes, etc., clarify the material used to manufacture them. Many brands sell brushes with handles and base made from bamboo and other sustainable materials instead of plastic. 

Use makeup brushes that have synthetic fibres instead of animal hair when looking for an eco-friendly alternative. Eco Tools is a popular brand that uses sustainable materials for manufacturing the makeup brushes and other beauty tools that they sell.

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Look out for the distinct symbol that is included beauty packaging to make buyers aware that brands are eco-friendly. Look for products with the symbol either on the box or on the bottle. Refrain from using products that contain harmful ingredients such as PET, additives and other chemicals as these.

When disposed of as waste into the environment, these products can wreak havoc in nature. So, research companies that produce organic and green products. Some examples of these brands are The Nue Co., Live Botanical, The Body Shop, Kelia Skincare, and SaltyGirl Beauty. The products they offer are of a wide variety and you will definitely find something that can replace an existing item in your beauty closet.

choosing Eco-friendly: four trays containing vegan makeup brushes and tools.


Use energy-efficient beauty tools that consume electricity like hairdryers, flat irons, and hair curlers. This reduces the amount of electricity the tools consume when you use them making their usage a green alternative.

Avoid Products that Contain Microbeads

They might be marketed as excellent exfoliating components but they enter the water bodies and cause disruptions in the ecosystem.

How to Simplify Your Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine with Fewer Products.

There is new skincare or makeup product launched almost every day. Marketing strategies make us believe that we have to purchase these items and include them in our beauty routine at any cost.

Though some products are going to make great additions, dermatologists and makeup experts agree on the fact that a simple routine is all you need to keep your skin healthy and your makeup flawless looking.

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Use Multi-purpose Products

Investing in key products and items that work for multiple purposes is a great way to keep your beauty routine exceptional while being conscious of the environment. Make the changes one by one to simplify your beauty routine instead of throwing out a box full of products all at once. Therefore, reusable products and products that serve different purposes are the way to go.

a tall stainless steel razor with a background

Use a Stainless Steel Razor

By cleaning stainless steel regularly, you do not have to worry about microbes on the razor and the stainless steel blades are recyclable. Also, the reusability of the razor makes your skin less susceptible to developing ingrown hair.

So, try and use these rather than disposable razors.

Other Eco-Friendly Alternative Products

1- Reusable wipes are a great alternative to using facial tissues and cotton balls to remove makeup.

2- For dramatic eyes, your eyeliner can double up as your eyebrow pencil or vice versa.

3- Another alternative also includes using a shampoo bar that can function both as a hair shampoo and a soap. Compared to using these separately, this can really save a lot of water.

4- Baking soda, found in almost all kitchen pantries, can be used efficiently for various purposes. Pat some on your underarm for it to work as an excellent deodorant. Or, mix some in with a carrier oil or just water and use it as an exfoliating scrub.

5- Double up lip products as a cheek stain instead of buying separate lipsticks and blushes.

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How to Dispose Of Eco-Friendly Beauty Products and Packaging Properly?

While making changes to your beauty routine and replacing items with eco-friendly versions is important. It is also important to not dispose of items down the drain or into the bin unnecessarily.

Properly disposing of products and their packaging can make your beauty routine even greener. 

choosing Eco-friendly: a cardboard box of biodegradable cotton buds on a wooden background

Donate Them

Instead of throwing out items that you do not like or those that did not suit your skin, donate them or ask around to see if any family members or friends might want to use it.

You can easily avoid unnecessary wastage of products this way.


Always recycle any packaging, bottles, etc. that can be recycled. Cardboard boxes, plastics, and glass can be recycled easilyMany countries have designated bins for their disposable.

Some brands offer discounts or freebies if you bring in the required quantities of recyclable packaging. For example, MAC offers free lipstick every time you bring in six used lipsticks casings to recycle.

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If you cannot recycle a specific packaging, try to find another use for it around the house. Upcycle is the way to go when recycling is not an option.

If you like DIY projects, then there are many ways to reuse bottles, tubes, and any other packaging.

Do not Dispose of Products down the Drain

Throwing expired or unused products down the drain can impact marine life negatively. Therefore, disposing of them in the bin might be a better option.

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