Vegan Skincare: How to Create a Fully Vegan Skincare Routine


Think that being vegan restricts your skincare options? Think again.

Shopping for skincare can be difficult enough, however, when you are vegan, it can be a whole different story. But, as more of us turn to veganism, so has skincare. Vegan skincare is becoming more and more popular in the beauty industry, with consumers growing increasingly conscious of the type of products that they put onto their skin.

array of cucumber slices with a small glass bottle, containing cucumber slices and water, along with cotton pads.

Did you know that vegan products offer incredible skincare benefits and could be your secret to a picture-perfect complexion? So, whether you adopt a plant-based lifestyle or have no plans on ditching dairy yet, you might still want to check out vegan skincare. More so, if you have struggled to find good quality vegan skincare products, your search stops here.

We’ve rounded up our favourite brands and products that cater to the vegan population. So, you can create full vegan skincare with all the products that you need to give your skin routine a naturally inspired overhaul to unlock your best skin.

Keep reading as we reveal some of the best vegan skincare products to add to your shopping list. Now you can have everything you need to start off or extend your vegan skincare routine.

What is Vegan Skincare?

If you didn’t already know, then you may get a shock at the number of animal products that are within cosmetics and skincare products. Vegan defines products that do not contain any animal constituents or animal-derived ingredients.

Not only are many making the move in protest of animal testing, but animal-based ingredients can also be harsh to the skin. Therefore, switching to vegan skincare means less artificial components that can irritate sensitive or irritation-prone skin.

Instead of using these animal-derived ingredients, vegan skincare products are made from plants, minerals and safe synthetics. The natural plant-derived ingredients in these skincare products maintain as many nutrients and minerals as possible to make it kinder and gentler to your skin… and to the planet.

When used over time, the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in vegan skincare can be more beneficial to the skin.

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How to distinguish if a product is vegan-friendly

Reading labels and ingredients can be incredibly confusing, especially when you don’t know what half of it means. However, if you quickly want to see if a product is vegan, simply look out for the vegan certification which should be displayed clearly at the back of the product.

But, make sure you do not confuse vegan with cruelty-free.

Cruelty-free simply means that the product has not been tested on animals. However, these products may still contain ingredients such as milk and honey, which doesn’t make it vegan-friendly. So, make sure you clearly lookout for the vegan certification and do not make the mistake of confusing cruelty-free and vegan to be the same thing.

certified cruelty-free and vegan logos provided by ethical pixie.
Certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan Logos, provided by Ethical Pixie.

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Products to Create your Fully Vegan Skincare Routine

When it comes to vegan skincare, you don’t have to sacrifice on quality or effectiveness. So, to help you take care of your entire skincare routine, we’ve listed our top products and brands for each skincare step.

While some of the brands are fully vegan, others may contain products that are not. So, make sure you double-check other products from brands that do not only provide vegan skincare products.

All the products listed below are vegan-friendly.

Cleanser – BRYT Skincare Foaming Facial Cleanser – £13.50

BRYT Cleanser bottle sat next to boxed packaging.A good facial cleanser plays one of the most vital roles in any skincare routine. This is the first step to every skincare ritual to keep your skin fresh and maintain a clean and healthy complexion.

A good cleanser will deep cleanse your skin to remove any excess dirt or sweat without stripping the skin off its natural oils.

It’s time to introduce your skin to the bright and beautiful BRYT Skincare and say hello to glowing, youthful skin. This striking brand combines botanical ingredients with the latest science to deeply nourish and replenish your skin, and help to maintain a healthy complexion.

Their foaming facial cleanser is full of super-antioxidants and super-fruits that gently purifies and detoxifies your skin to leave your face feeling fresh. See this as your quick, easy and natural answer to cleansing.

Toner – Buddha Beauty: Rose Floral Toner Water – £10.00

Vegan Friendly: buddha beauty facial toner rose water, grey sheet background.Using a toner is a step that people often neglect, but it can make a huge difference in the overall health and appearance of your skin.

A good toner is an essential complement to your cleanser as it is designed to remove any stubborn impurities that the cleanser may have missed. Using it after a gentle cleanser will refresh your skin and also keep pores tightened to shrink their appearance.

So, treat your skin with their soothing Buddha Beauty’s Rose Water Facial Toner Water after cleansing, to naturally enhance your skin appearance and keep oil at bay.

Additionally, Buddha Beauty’s natural range is lovingly handmade, with delicate fragrances and scented essential oils to leave you smelling delightful.

Purchase: Holistic Shop.

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Facial Oil – Green People: Damask Rose Facial Oil – £29.00

Vegan Friendly: dakmask rose facial oil bottle next to the box packaging.There is a common misconception that only people with extremely dry skin should be using facial oils. This is not the case! Using facial oil is a great way to replenish the skin and restore its radiance.

Good facial oil can instantly hydrate and nourish the skin to keep it soft and supple. It also protects it from environmental damage, whilst improving the elasticity of the skin to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, all to keep you looking youthful.

Green People bring you the power of nature with the purest, organic skincare products. This handmade brand uses ingredients that are specially chosen to nourish and protect your skin. Combining a rich blend of jojoba and rosehip, the Damask Rose Facial Oil nourishes and revitalizes the skin to balance and brighten a dull complexion.

Delicate, sweet and luxuriously light.

Facial Scrub – YLLO BEAUTY: Turmeric Face Scrub – £11.47

Vegan Friendly: a brown bag, containing YLLO Face Scrub, on a pink backgroundUsing a gentle facial scrub is the natural way to renew the look of dull skin.

It is essential to get rid of any dead skin cells from your face to unveil new skin through stimulating natural cell regeneration.  


A face scrub can clean out your congested pores to leave your skin looking and feeling beautifully clean.

So, spice up your skincare routine with the power of turmeric.a woman with facial scrub on her face, smiling, whilst holding YLLO Facial Scrub packaging. Inspired by Indian skincare traditions, YLLO combines this super spice with additional natural and feel-good ingredients to naturally heal and nourish the skin. For a healthy and radiant complexion, incorporate the Turmeric Face Scrub into your skincare regime.

Furthermore, it will naturally detoxify and exfoliate your face for a divine dewy glow.

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Face Mask – LULU & BOO: Seaweed Purifying Mask – £24.20

Vegan Friendly: lulu and boo seaweed purifying maskEveryone’s skin needs a good pampering once in a while, so it is important to treat yourself to a face mask at least once a week.

Face masks are great for refreshing and reviving the skin to keep it healthy. To prevent breakouts and to keep your skin hydrated, apply a face mask for radiant results. 

Feed your skin with the nutrients it needs with a luxurious range of skincare products from award-winning company Lulu & Boo.

The Lulu & Boo range is specially formulated with the finest natural, organic ingredients for a range of skin types. In addition, there’s nothing like a pamper session with a face mask so why not treat yourself to the Seaweed Purifying Mask?

Kick back and relax while the mask deeply purifies your skin. The product also works to purges out toxins to deep clean your skin and restore your glow.

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Moisturiser – FAITH IN NATURE: Replenishing Moisturising Cream – £6.39

Vegan Friendly: faith in nature moisturising cream.Moisturiser is arguably the most crucial part of any skincare routine. It is important to keep your skin hydrated to prevent it from becoming rough and dry. The use of moisturiser helps to prevent moisture loss and soften the skin to keep it smooth and supple.

Faith in Nature uses various organic ingredients that are carefully chosen to gently freshen the skin for a guilt-free skincare regime.

No skincare routine is complete without a trusty, super-hydrating moisturiser. Enriched with organic green tea, this product hydrates and protects the skin to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Purchase: faithinnature

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Night Oil – AURELIA: Cell Repair Night Oil – £62.00

Vegan Friendly: aurelia cell repair night oil bottle.The use of night oil treats and repairs the skin whilst you sleep, so you can wake up with nourished skin. The oil allows your skin to fully detox to hydrate and brighten the skin. So, you can rest well knowing that your skin is being taken care of.

Aurelia Skincare uses the power of botanicals combined with science and luxury to combat skin problems. Designed with nature in mind, this cruelty-free brand has a selection of vegan products and is committed to the ethical sourcing of ingredients in their products.

Chic and eco-conscious.

With their award-winning intense overnight Cell Repair Night Oil, you can wake up to revitalised skin.  

Get your beauty sleep and protect your skin for the day ahead.

Purchase: FeelUnique.


With all the products listed, you can create a fully vegan skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Don’t forget to check out other products from these brands! You can find one that works best for your specific skincare needs.

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