10 Common Makeup Mistakes and How To Fix Them

a woman applying makeup with a powder brush to her cheek.

It usually takes a lot of experimentation and practice to master how to do your makeup perfectly. But, we all usually have that one go-to makeup routine that we’ll never stray away from. However, they could be filled with makeup mistakes.

While cosmetics can help us enhance our natural features, there are some beauty mistakes that you may be guilty of that could prevent your makeup from looking flawless.

But don’t worry, beauty blunders happen to the best of us. The good news is, tiny tweaks and fixes can make the world of a difference when it comes to your overall look. Therefore, we’ve created a simple guide to help you recognize some of these common mistakes and avoid them to get your makeup perfect every time.

Not only will this guide allow you to identify mistakes, but we will also show you how to reverse these makeup woes and fix them to keep your skin and makeup looking utterly flawless.

woman applying makeup in front of a large round mirror.

Applying Makeup to Dry Skin

Mistake – Dry skin is your makeup’s worst enemy.

Applying makeup directly onto your face without properly moisturizing first can accentuate flakiness and dry patches while sitting on top of your skin without blending properly.

This can cause your skin to look dull, cracked and tired, making fine lines and pores appear more visible.

Solution – To prevent this, it is essential to make sure your base is properly moisturized first. Apply a hydrating moisturizer all over your face in a circular motion to ensure it is spread evenly. So, make sure you prep your skin and feed it with the hydration it needs for smooth skin and smoother makeup application.

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Using the Same Foundation All Year Round

Mistake – Just like you switch up your wardrobe for the seasons, your makeup should be no exception.

The key to the perfect foundation is getting the colour match correct. However, as your complexion and skin tone changes through the seasons, you need to get a foundation that correctly matches your skin to suit your skin type and colour. This is because you may be slightly more tanned in the summer months than during the winter.

Solution – It is important to have a range of a few foundation shades for your skin so that you can switch it up as your skin colour changes. However, if you don’t want to purchase a range of foundations, buy one that is darker than your original shade and one that is lighter. This way you can mix the colours to make a customized colour for your skin each time the colour varies slightly.

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a storage cup full of different types of makeup brushes.

Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Mistake – We’ve all been guilty of this from time to time, however, your makeup is only as good as your brush is clean. Neglecting washing your brushes regularly can not only build up bacteria to clog your pores, but it can also affect your makeup application. Your brushes will become overloaded with product and pigments, meaning your makeup won’t look as fresh.

Solution – Simply run your brushes under some lukewarm water. Then wash them thoroughly with a mild soap or baby shampoo until the product has been washed out from the brushes.

Lastly, blot the brushes with a towel and leave to dry. Remember to do this once a week to keep your brushes squeaky clean.

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Testing Makeup on Your Hand

Mistake – Finding the perfect colour match can be a real challenge, especially if you aren’t testing your makeup correctly. Most people may apply makeup on their hand to check if it’s the right shade, however, your hands have more redness than your face. Therefore, more often than not, the product may seem like the right shade on your hand but may end up being too dark for your face.

Solution – To see how the shade will work for your skin tone, test it on your jawline or neck instead. Make sure you do this in natural lighting so you can see your natural undertones to pick the most accurate match for you.  

Pick the formula that disappears into your skin when blended without looking streaky or patchy.    

person pictured testing foundation colour on the back of their hand.

Applying makeup in the wrong lighting

Mistake – Good lighting isn’t just for selfies.

Have you ever spent hours doing your makeup, then get a quick glance at your reflection when you step outside? Suddenly you see that your foundation colour is totally mismatched?

Believe it or not, lighting plays a massive part in how good your makeup looks. Makeup will always look better with less light. Doing your makeup in unnatural lighting can cause you to put on too much product, which can result in it looking harsh in natural lighting.

Solution – Natural daylight is the best way to light your face for perfect makeup. Try and do your makeup somewhere that has the closest lighting to natural daylight. You’ll notice a big difference in how your makeup looks once you leave the house.

close up of a woman's face, with dark lighting making it difficult to see all of her features.

Holding onto Old Makeup

Mistake – It is important to know when to replace your old beauty products with new ones. Just like any other product, makeup expires too. Expiration dates can range from three months to two years. If you keep the product past its expiration date, it won’t be as effective and can even irritate your skin.

Solution – So, if you’ve been using the same products you’ve had for years, it’s time to throw it out. Your makeup products should come with an expiration date on the packaging. However, if it doesn’t, a rough guideline your foundation should last up to 6 months, while lip products and powders may last up to twelve months.

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cosmetics, various eyeshadow colours, a beauty blender and brush.

Not using the Correct Blush

Mistake – Blush should add a healthy and natural flush of colour to your complexion. It should be the finishing touch to your makeup, not be the centre of attention. However, you could be selecting the wrong hue for your features that can look too harsh on your face.

Solution – So, don’t just go for any eye-catching colour. To avoid clown cheeks, choose a colour that suits your complexion to give a natural glow to the face. Swirl your blush brush into the product and tap off any excess. Then, apply the product to the apples, along with your cheekbone and all the way to the temple. Don’t forget to apply it with a light hand. Say goodbye to intense shades and choose shades that flatter and work with your natural skin tone to add a subtle pop of colour to your face.

Mismatched Face and Neck

Mistake – Often when applying foundation, the neck can be neglected. This can cause a line of product to stop around the jawline.

Solution – The neck is typically lighter than the rest of your body, so to avoid having a mismatched face and neck, blend the foundation thoroughly down to your neck to make it look nice and natural. Using a foundation colour that is as close to your complexion shade as possible can also prevent this from happening.

So, try and find the best colour-match base products for your skin. This way you won’t look like you’re wearing a mask.

woman wearing makeup too dark for her skin, with rollers in her hair.

Not Blending Properly

Mistake – You can never blend your makeup too much. However, this is a common mistake that many people make.

Not blending your makeup enough can make it look blotchy, uneven and unnatural.

Solution – Buff in the colour to soften harsh lines and edges to ensure everything blends in together seamlessly for a nice natural finish. The best way to do this is by using a damp beauty blender. This will pick up any excess product on your skin to make the application appear nice and natural.

Over-Drawing Your Eyebrows

Mistake – Sharpie eyebrows are not a good look. A little brow definition can go a long way to frame your face. However, overdrawing your brows can make them look really harsh and take away the attention from the rest of your face.

Solution – Therefore, avoid making them look drawn and cartoonish. Use light and feathery strokes and follow the natural shape of your brows to define them without making it look blocky or drawn in. Be careful not to go overboard with the product.

Just, use enough product to naturally stroke the sparse parts of your eyebrows. This will create an illusion of fuller-looking brows without making them look too harsh. Then, run a spoolie through your brows to blend the product out well to keep them looking subtle and natural.

By correcting these common makeup mistakes, your makeup should apply much better and look a lot more natural.

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