Hollywood or Brazilian Wax Treatment: Which one should I get?

When it comes to deciding what intimate waxing treatment is best for you, it’s all about personal preference. Since it’s not a subject that regularly comes up in conversation, let us take you around the world of waxing, guide you through the differences between the two most popular intimate waxing techniques, along with finding out more regarding the treatment procedures and products used.

woman in water shown from waist down wearing bikini bottoms.

If you’re looking for the most efficient way to achieve a totally smooth bikini area, then the Hollywood and Brazilian waxing techniques are, without question, the best treatments to go for.

Popular with models, spa-goers and beach lovers as it allows those to wear itsy- bitsy bikinis without fear of exposing pubic hair. Reports from clients that choose these treatments reveal that these waxing styles make them feel more sexually attractive and feminine while others choose it because they feel more hygienic.

Importantly, we’d like to stress that pubic hair isn’t unhygienic or dirty, and, in fact – it encourages a healthy microbiome that keeps us in balance down there and prevents infection, as well as protecting the delicate area.

Read on to read all the answers to your questions and determine which intimate waxing treatment is best for you before you make your appointment. This means you can calmly and confidently arrive at the salon fully informed and prepared for treatment. We won’t beat around the bush any longer…

What is a ‘Hollywood wax treatment’?

This extremely popular treatment technique is named because of its popularity in Hollywood. This technique removes all of the hair from the entire pubic area and inner buttocks – leaving you completely bare.

The treatment is performed using either strip wax or hot wax. Strip wax (also known as warm wax) has a relatively low temperature when applying and is removed using paper or cotton strips, while hot wax shrink-wraps hair and sets. This allows your therapist to remove the wax without the need for strips (which can cause more stress on the skin).

There is still an ongoing debate over which wax is the best to use for intimate waxing as there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

woman applying a paper wax strip to her bikini line.

Hot wax grips stronger hairs more efficiently and can remove shorter hair more effectively than strip wax. When used with a pre-wax oil, hot wax only adheres to the hair, resulting in less skin trauma. It can, however (depending on the brand used), heat the area more which can make the skin more reactive to waxing. There are now hot wax formulations that have a lower working temperature, such as the prestigious Australian wax brand, Lycon.


Hot wax also requires more technical skill for an effective procedure. Ask your therapist about the intimate wax they use and make sure it’s a premium formulation – importantly you’ll want to look out for the addition of skin soothing ingredients such as essential oils and research the brand online before you commit to the treatment. Always make sure you are visiting a competent therapist who has performed hundreds of intimate wax treatments. Avoid being practice for newbie therapists on such a sensitive area.

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What is the difference between a Hollywood and Brazilian wax treatment?

Whilst the Hollywood wax offers complete removal of pubic hair, the Brazilian wax removes the majority of the hair (including the inner buttocks) but leaves a very small downward strip (also known as a landing strip) from the pubic bone. You can opt for the removal of all the hair from the labia, and just leave a small patch of hair covering the pubic bone, this can be square, oblong or triangular. Some salons offer options for more complex shapes such as hearts, and you can even get the remaining hair dyed crazy colours and adorn the area with diamantes (remember Vajazzling? Well, it’s still a thing).

Did you know you can also get a ‘vagacial’? It’s a facial treatment that’s designed for the vagina that includes a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, cleanse, steam, exfoliation, extractions, high frequency, mask and the application of ingrown hair serum. It’s the ultimate way to pamper the bikini area!

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What is a French wax treatment?

Often confused for a Brazilian wax, the French wax treatment does not remove hair from the labia or inner buttocks. It is more widely known in the UK as an extended bikini wax, where both sides are taken in further than the traditional triangular bikini wax. This simply removes hairs that extend past your knicker lines. With a French wax, you are left with a strip of hair just covering the labia and extending by the pubic bone. It’s a good style to try if you don’t dare to go bare, or to have as you work your way up to a Hollywood.

How long does a Hollywood wax last?

To keep hair-free, you need to get a wax treatment every 4-6 weeks. Although you might opt for more regular treatment, returning to the salon every 3 weeks. There are waxes available such as Lycon Hot Waxes that are able to remove hair as short as 1mm, enabling you to have more regular treatments without an extensive growing out period. Always ask your therapist about the ideal length of hair they recommend for intimate waxing.

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woman applying a wax strip to her bikini line.

How should I prepare for a bikini wax treatment?

It is advisable to shower or bathe before your appointment. If this is not possible, you’ll be offered feminine wipes to use before the treatment. You will be given a disposable thong to wear, so don’t worry about what underwear to arrive in. Some therapists may ask you if you are comfortable having the treatment done without wearing any underwear, including disposables. If you are not, simply request disposables to wear. Remember, there is no need to feel embarrassed – your therapist is a professional and has seen it all before! They won’t bat an eyelid.

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Will I get ingrown hairs after a bikini wax?

Unfortunately, you probably will. Ingrown hairs are hard to avoid with any form of hair removal and the pubic area is particularly prone to them.

After waxing treatments, it’s important to follow a home skincare routine that prevents ingrowing hairs. Regular exfoliation to remove the build-up of dead skin cells, debris and sebum oils that might trap the new hair growth under the skin, is key to eliminating ingrown hairs. Skin brushing is best but it’s not so easy on such a small, sensitive area. There are exfoliating products especially for use on intimate areas to prevent ingrowing hairs. Furthermore, it also important to keep skin clean and hydrated.

Check out our pick of the best products to keep your bikini line free from ingrown hairs and irritation caused by hair removal…

Our favourite products to eliminate ingrown hairs

FUR Ingrown Concentrate

Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate comes with a textured finger mitt to help you gently banish bumps and redness from irritated skin post-waxing. Ideal for use on the bikini area, its superior formulation is laced with the finest, natural ingredients:

  • Coconut oil – eradicates dryness, softens ingrown hairs and speeds up healing time
  • Tea tree oil – a powerful antimicrobial essential oil, that helps absorb and balance excess sebum oil. This helps to prevent ingrown hairs and speed up the skin’s healing time
  • Tamanu oil – softens the skin and promotes healthy cell growth
  • Chamomile extract – soothes and calms the skin to banish redness

FUR Ingrown Concentrate with mit.

It’s completely ‘clean’ too – there’s no phthalates, parabens, silicones, artificial colours or fragrance. Plus, it’s gluten-free and vegan!

To use, simply apply a few drops to bumps on the bikini line after showering and gently exfoliate using the finger mitt, focusing on ingrown hairs.

Fur Ingrown Concentrate. £28.00; available online at Beauty Bay | Shop Now

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ELYTRUM Palm Size Body Brush

Brush your way to bikini line bliss with this palm-sized dry body brush. It’s the perfect size to target the sensitive bikini area. The smaller size (compared to full body brushes) enables you to deeply exfoliate the area and guard against ingrown hairs. The soft jute bristles gently massage while sloughing off the build-up of dead skin cells.

ELYTRUM Palm Size Body Brush.

ELYTRUM Palm Size Body Brush. £13.50; available online at Origins of Beauty | Shop Now.

Tweezerman Classic Stainless-Steel Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze

This pair of thin, pointed tweezers offer near surgical precision, easily removing objects embedded under the skin. It is the perfect tool to gently capture and remove ingrown hairs with incredible accuracy.

Only use on clean, dry skin and sterilise tweezers before and after every use.

Tweezerman Classic Stainless-Steel Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze.

Tweezerman Classic Stainless-Steel Ingrown Hair Splintertweeze. £17.25; available online at Beauty Bay | Shop Now.

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What is a male Hollywood wax?

Male waxing is increasing in worldwide popularity. In fact – it’s the fastest-growing demographic in the waxing industry. Just like the female Hollywood wax – it involves the removal of all pubic hair. A male Hollywood wax removes all pubic hair from the lower abdomen, scrotum, penis shaft, perineum, and buttocks (including the inner buttocks). The ‘Bro-zilian’ or ‘Boy-zilian’ – are the male versions of a Brazilian wax, where all hair is removed except for a small strip covering the pubic bone.

Many, often crudely, refer to male intimate waxing treatments as a ‘back, sack and crack’. This defines the treatment areas of the buttocks, scrotum and perineum.

Pro-tips for Pain-Free Waxing

Does a Hollywood wax hurt? The short answer is yes. However, your first one is the worst and the treatment will reduce in discomfort from then. Regular waxing can make the regrowth sparser and hairs weaker, resulting in a more comfortable waxing experience over time. There are also things that you can do to reduce the pain experienced during hair removal. Here are our pro tips for pain-free waxing:

• If you menstruate, book your appointments mid cycle, around the time you are ovulating for a more pain-free experience. With hormonal shifts and extra blood flow, waxing is more painful just before, during and after your flow.

• For 72 hours after your intimate wax, you need to keep the area meticulously clean, so avoid wearing tight clothing or activities that will make you sweat. Try to schedule your appointment so you can take it easy after your waxing.

• Try and book your appointment between 3-5 pm. Your body’s pain threshold is the highest around this time due to the activity of your ‘natural painkillers’, endorphins.

• Avoid stimulants like coffee and alcohol before waxing treatments as they will make your skin extra sensitive.

We hope this article has helped you to determine whether the ‘bare all’ Hollywood is the best style for you, or if the slightly more reserved Brazilian is the better option.

If you still can’t decide on your preferred pubic hair-style, let us inform you that Vogue has announced that the full bush is back!

Now we’ve waxed lyrical all about the skin-smoothing benefits of intimate waxing, it’s your turn! Please share with us your bikini waxing experience, tips and tricks. We’d love to hear from you.

Also, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being unbearable) how would you rate the discomfort of a Hollywood or Brazilian wax? Let us know all in the comments below!

Wishing you all the good things!

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Affiliate Disclosure: We are a professional website and may get commission from the retailers and product brands we recommend in our articles. This in no way directs or effects the content we put out, but it does help to keep the lights on. We are independently owned and the opinions we express are our own, and most importantly they are truthful.