Get Luscious, Plump Lips Without the Need for Needles

There’s nothing sexier than a plump pout and it seems that the trend for luscious, plump lips is here to stay. However, lip fillers and injections are a real commitment, not to mention expensive. What’s more, if you aren’t blessed with naturally full lips, don’t worry! While true lip size is determined by genetic factors, there are many other ways that you can fake it.

close up of a person pouting.

So, if you wish your lips were a little more voluminous, there are ways that you can temporarily get fuller-looking lips. We have many simple alternatives that are much less painful and costly, so you can still achieve the perfect pout without painful injections or treatments.

Whether your lips lack shape or need a subtle boost, there are a few ways to enhance the shape of them using natural ingredients or makeup. Not only this, but these tips will increase the size of your lips temporarily or create the illusion that you have a fuller pout.

So, here are the ultimate steps to cheat your way to fuller, kissable lips without a needle in sight.

How to Apply Makeup for Plump Lips

Using makeup can certainly highlight and heighten the look of certain facial features. These subtle makeup tricks will enhance the look of your lips instantly to look natural, yet luscious.

woman applying lip liner around her lips, giving the impression of fuller lips.

Fill Them Out with Lip Liner

This is the oldest trick in the book for getting bigger looking lips instantly. However, the trick to nailing this technique is to make the application as natural-looking as possible.

To do this, choose a lip liner that is a shade or two darker than your natural lip colour. This will make it look realistically volumized without appearing unnatural.

Next, outline your lips by going just slightly over the natural outline. Importantly, make sure you don’t overline it too much by extending the product too much past your natural lip line. Just sculpt them subtly so that it creates the illusion of slightly fuller-looking lips.

Make sure you take extra care when lining around the Cupid’s bow so that you can create a clean and defined outline. Then simply fill in the rest of your lips with the lip liner, as this will create a more natural finish all the while giving your lip colour extra staying power. Finally, choose a lipstick shade that is as close as possible to the colour of the lip liner and apply it over the top.

Tip: Choosing similar shades will prevent a mismatched look that may give away your secret lip liner trick.

close up of a woman wearing natural makeup, a light lipstick, giving the appearance of plump lips.

Avoid Dark Lip Colours

When it comes to choosing shades that will make your lips look bigger, the more neutral the better. So, try and stay away from overly dark shades. Whilst these shades may look great during the colder seasons, it can really thin out the shape of your lips to make them appear flat. So, try and stick to shades such as pinks and nudes instead.

Dark, pigmented lips can also have the same effect. To treat lip pigmentation, read our full article on combating dark lips.

Layer More Than One Lip Colour

A single lipstick isn’t enough if you want plump lips. Instead, you should try and use two different shades of lipsticks. Choose two lipsticks shades that are similar colours, however, one should be slightly darker and the other slightly lighter than each other.

Start off by applying the darker shade all over your lips. Then, apply the lighter shade to the middle of your bottom lip before buffing it into the lips gently in a patting motion with your ring finger. Doing this will create the illusion of fuller-looking lips by creating more visual dimension to the area. Although it may not sound like much, this little trick can really go a long way.

Try it out for yourself.

woman using her ring finger to add shade to her lower lip, showcasing plump lips.

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Apply Lip Gloss

Ultra-shiny lip glosses may not be the trendiest of lip products anymore, but if you want plump lips, it’s time to reinvest in them.

Applying a clear, shiny lip gloss just to the centre of your lips can cause a highlighting effect. This will cause the light to reflect from the gloss, which will result in lips appearing plumper and more luscious.

Tip: Try to opt for a non-sticky formula that will add some shine without feeling too uncomfortable and gluey.

woman applying lip gloss whilst smiling into a compact mirror.

Use Concealer to Sculpt the Lips

Applying concealer to your lips may sound odd, but it can do wonders for making your lips look bigger.

By adding a tiny amount to your lips then spreading it out over your lip line, it can give you a larger canvas to work with. We recommend that you do this before applying your lipstick as it will work to erase your natural lip line, allowing you to draw your own. Furthermore, this will allow for the true colour of your lipstick or lip liner to come through while also giving your lip colour a smoother finish.

For an extra defined look, apply the concealer around your lips too after applying the lipstick to really clean up the edges for a sharp pout. This will make your lips really pop.

woman with plump nude lips and white teeth.

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Contour Your Lips

Contouring isn’t just for the cheekbones. Just like how contouring can visibly shape the face, it can do the same for your lips too.

To contour the lips, use a small makeup brush to apply bronzer right under your lower lip to create the illusion of a shadow under it. Then, blend it out with the brush to make the shadow appear natural and not too harsh.

Doing this step can instantly give your lips a lot more depth and accentuate it to look much bigger.

Highlight Your Cupid’s bow

Your Cupid’s bow is the dip right on top of your lips that appears to look like (as the name suggests) a bow. Surprisingly, this part of your lips can really make a difference in how plump your lips appear. 

So, to enhance it, all you need is a little highlighter.

By dabbing a tiny bit of highlighter to this area, the light will reflect off the product to draw attention to your lips and make them appear fuller. This can make a world of a difference to how big they look. However, to accentuate them further, dab a little bit of the highlight onto the centre of your bottom lip and blend it in to really make it pop.

Lip Plumping Glosses for Fuller Lips

A lip plumping gloss is a great option if you are looking for more dramatic results as they can temporarily boost the fullness in the lips.

Using a lip plumping gloss is the easiest way to instantly and effortlessly enhance the look of your lips. Many of these products contain a special ingredient to increase the lips’ natural collagen production, whilst others temporarily swell the lips to make them bigger. This is a great option if you don’t have much time for all the extra steps of lip enhancing makeup tricks in the morning.

woman wearing red lipstick, pouting, highlighting her plump lips.

Simply one swipe of the lip plumping gloss or serum will do the job, making it easy to reapply throughout the day too if your pout is starting to fall a little flat. Furthermore, the right lip enhancing formulas can help to mimic the effect of a softer, smoother and plumper pout with minimal effort. 

However, there are many lip enhancing products on the market that do not deliver dramatic results. So, here we’re going to reveal some of our top lip plumping glosses that will give you enviable looking lips in an instant.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

too face lip injection tube, with applicator, to give plump lips.

True to its name, this product will fill your lips for a more voluminous pout.

Packed with natural botanicals like jojoba oil and avocado, the serum contains plumping ingredients. These products make your lips fuller instantly, along with keeping them moisturised and healthy.

Note: You will quite an intense tingle to the lips when you apply the product. But, don’t worry. This is just the feeling of the product working its magic to give you gorgeous looking, plump lips.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer

dior lip maximiser with dior backstage sticker as the back pattern.

Dior’s Addict Lip Maximizer is a collagen-based lip enhancer that will smoothen, moisturise and maximize your pout. The results are immediate and will leave your lips looking, and feeling, gorgeously soft.

The best part? This product is formulated with colour reviver technology. This means that the lip colour will react with the unique chemistry of your lips to create the most natural shade that is formulated specifically for you. 

So, for those of you that are really short on time, this product will easily do all the work for you.

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath

Thanks to this product’s collagen-boosting ingredients, this high shine lip gloss should give you the lip plumping results that you want.

It contains peppermint and coconut extract. These two will keep your lips moisturised whilst giving your lips a little extra definition. This is so you can have healthier and plumper looking lips in minutes. In addition to this, lip enhancer contains light-reflecting properties to add a sheen to your lips, in turn making them appear fuller.

The results are long-lasting so you can sport the perfect pout for longer.

Make Your Own Natural DIY Lip Plumping Masks

If you don’t want to splurge on expensive serums or glosses, you can easily prepare your own lip plumping masks as home. You can use some natural ingredients on the lips that can cause them to swell, thus giving them a plumper appearance.

This can be done at home with a few simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen.

However, we do recommend that before deciding to try out these lip masks, you do ensure that your lips aren’t chapped or cracked. This is because the ingredients can cause a painful, burning feeling to the lips as it agitates open sores.

Cinnamon Lip Mask

tops of horizontal cinnamon sticks on a white background

Cinnamon naturally increases the blood flow to the lips and reacts with the skin to cause it to swell. This makes it the perfect spice to add to a lip plumping mask.

To make the mask, add a pinch of cinnamon to a teaspoon of honey. Then, gently apply the product to your lips.

If you feel a slight tingling sensation on your lips, don’t worry. This is just the feeling of the spice reacting with the lips to make it swell. Leave it on for around five minutes before wiping it away with a damp washcloth. And voila! You should be able to see a noticeable difference in the appearance the size of your lips.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to apply honey to the lips, why not try cinnamon oil instead? It is one of the basic ingredients that appear in the formula of many lip plumper’s and therefore will work just ask well as a honey and cinnamon lip mask.

Cayenne Pepper Lip Mask

Cayenne pepper is another spice that is known to stimulate blood flow. This, in turn, gives the lips a temporary fuller look. However, ensure not to use it in large amounts, as this can cause burns to the skin and lips. A little goes a long way with this powerful ingredient!

To make the lip mask, combine a pinch of ground cayenne pepper with a teaspoon of olive, almond or coconut oil. Next, apply it to the lips. Leave it on for approximately five minutes to really let the mask work its magic before properly wiping it off with a damp washcloth to reveal beautifully plump lips.

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Use a Lip Enhancing Tool

fullips, full lips in seconds, lip enchancing tool in packaging.

A lip enhancing tool works by plumping your lips through suction. It is a perfect quick fix for bigger lips; however, the effects are short-lived. The suction of the product will create pressure and blood flow to make them appear bigger instantly. The tool is placed over the lips and can be repeated until the desired fullness is achieved.

Since these tools and generally inexpensive, it can be a way for people to test out fuller lips. More so, before deciding to take the plunge with fillers or other injectable treatments.

How to Care for Your Lips to Keep Them Healthy

No matter what techniques or products you apply to your lips, they won’t look their best unless you keep them healthy. So, follow these tips to give your lips a little TLC so they can look utterly luscious.

Brush off Flakes

close up of a woman using a toothbrush to exfoliate her lips.

Your lips won’t look or feel good if they are flaky. Dry, flaky lips tend to reflect less light and could make them appear a lot smaller. Therefore, it is important to exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dead skin cells.

The easiest and most effective way to do this is by using a toothbrush. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub away any flaky, dry or dead skin on your lips. Doing this will boost blood circulation to the lips to give them a natural, rosy hue and even plump it slightly.

This simple step can make all the difference! So make sure you try and do this once a week to keep your lips nice and healthy.

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Keep Your Lips Hydrated

This prep step is the most important for getting healthy, plump lips. Dehydrated lips can become chapped, thin and dull as they lose additional volume when lacking hydration. Lack of hydration can result in your lips shrinking a little. So, in turn, adding moisture to the lips can make them appear fuller.

The best way to do this is to keep your body and lips hydrated by drinking plenty of water. In addition to this, moisturise your lips with a hydrating lip balm to keep them nice and nourished. Doing so will shield the lips from the drying effects of the weather too.

So, find a nice lip balm that works well for you! Importantly, remember to reapply it throughout the day as this will keep your lips moisturised, healthy and hopefully, looking plump!

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Combine these methods of taking care of your lips and using natural methods and makeup together for effective results.

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