DIY Natural Hydrating Body Wash For Dry Skin

A body wash that contains all-natural ingredients comes with immense hydrating properties, resulting in dehydrated skin having a healthy boost. So, when it comes to the soothing dry skin during bath time, only a homemade natural body wash works effectively.

woman in a bath tub blowing bubbles and using body wash.

Every time you treat yourself with an uber-comforting bathing experience, your skin suffers from its aftereffects. Be it a bar soap or a store-bought body wash, you need to moisturize yourself profusely right after using it on your skin.

While you acknowledge that soaps are not good of dry, parched skin, you may be surprised to see body washes in this list. Unfortunately, even the ‘safest’ formulae can leave your skin irritated. This is simply because none of them is hydrating enough for your thirsty complexion.

Below we go through the importance of a homemade hydrating body wash featuring all-natural ingredientsWhen it comes to getting an all-over clean feeling by squirting a little something on a loofah to scrub-a-dub-dub with, nothing will suit your dry skin better.

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A custom-made body wash combines essential oils with deeply nourishing as well as intensely hydrating natural components. It not only cleanses the skin gently with the soft, bouncy foam but also keeps it moist and supple.

So, let us explain how commercial body washes affect your dry skin and why making your own natural version will soothe it better.

blue glass bottle of body wash beside a white towel.

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How Do Commercial Body Washes Affect Dry Skin?

When you choose a commercial shower solution, you expose your skin – the largest organ of your body – to heaps of irritants. This is true even when your chosen body wash comes with a label of “all-natural ingredients” as it still comprises certain processed chemical compounds.

Take a look at those elements and their effects on dry and dehydrated skin:


All body washes hold detergents (sodium lauryl/Laureth sulphates, coco betaine, etc.) as lathering or foaming agents, which make cleaning easier by mixing water with dirt and grime. However, they also strip the skin of its natural oils and reduce its moisture-retaining capacity, thereby causing extreme dryness and making it essential for you to moisturize the skin intensely afterwards.

woman's face with zoomed circle of dry skin on her cheek area.


Being water-based products, synthetic body washes always contain preservatives to avert microbial growth. However, some of them (parabens, sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate, quaternium-15, Diazolidinyl urea, etc.) neither soothe your dry skin nor take care of its health. In fact, most of them are known to cause rashes and skin irritation while others release formaldehyde and reportedly can lead to breast cancer by interfering with your endocrine system.   


Unlike custom-made items, commercial body washes are full of petroleum-derived ingredients called ‘nitrosamines’ (monoethanolamine or MEA, diethanolamine or DEA, triethanolamine or TEA). Although these chemicals help create frothy lather in the shower, they act as strong irritants and disrupt hormone function.

Nitrosamines also produce a carcinogen called N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA) and hence, are linked to different types of cancers.


The presence of alcohol (ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol 40, etc.) makes body washes apparently ‘perfect’ for oily and acne-prone skin as it can cut down excess oil and keep acne away. However, it robs the skin of its natural oils and causes serious damages to its protective barrier. Therefore, the skin becomes terribly dry with redness and visible signs of irritation.  

close up of rash on persons elbow, alcohol is body wash can cause this.

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Fragrances & Perfume

The ingredient lists of store-bought body washes also feature fragrances and perfume. This is basically a group that consists of thousands of chemical compounds, which are considered among the worst allergens ever. Most of them, especially phthalates, have been found to cause irritation, allergies, sensitisation, and even severe reactions.

When you feed your dry skin with these topical irritants, it can look and feel even drier, thereby revealing unexpected signs of ageing. You may also experience other negative cumulative effects in the long run.

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Why is Natural Body Wash Good for Dry Skin?

It is pretty challenging to find a shower product for dry skin that is completely devoid of preservatives and harsh chemicals.

Furthermore, when you stop searching the aisles of supermarkets and harness the power of all-natural ingredients, your skincare gets simplified and your wallet also does not encounter an insane price label.

So, what are the benefits of using a custom-made natural body wash on dry skin?

a woman standing in front of a mirror, with her hair wrapped in a towel as she applies her skin care products.

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No Chemicals

A homemade body wash does not come with a huge list of hard-to-pronounce synthetic ingredients. Avoiding these essentially means that you do not need to put a ton of unwanted chemicals on your moisture-deprived skin every day.

Reduced Toxicity by making your own homemade body wash.

By reducing the exposure to toxins, less rubbish goes into your skin, as well as your bloodstream. Importantly, it lowers the detoxification load on your liver, thereby making your dry skin look much healthier and resilient.

Deep Hydration with Body Wash

Plant-based oils, butter, and other deeply hydrating extracts present in a natural body wash can moisturize even a super dry skin effectively. Just adjust their quantities according to your skin’s requirements and you will never need a lotion throughout the day.   

Your Body Washes offers Intense Nourishment

The blends of replenishing natural ingredients and a selection of essential oils make your homemade body wash extremely nourishing. It is perfect for giving your dry skin a significant boost and adding a healthy glow to it.

Zero Side Effects Body Wash

Instead of dehydrating your already-dry skin more, a homemade body wash helps soothe it naturally. So, no more red, flaky, and itchy skin. Also, it can help you to steer clear of pesky breakouts and nasty acne marks.

a woman cleansing her face with foam cleanser and body wash.

Multipurpose Wonder

The homemade body wash is as multipurpose as it is versatile allowing you to use on both your body and face. With it being hydrating enough for your dry skin, it can be used as a soothing body wash, a gentle face cleanser, and even a rich shaving foam.  

Ingredients to Use in DIY Body Wash, as well as Their Benefits

Being spoiled with an incredibly soothing, moisturizing, and hydrating body wash is a pure pleasure. More so, nothing is more satisfying than choosing your own ingredients!

It is all about understanding what works best for your skin and crafting a custom-made product with all-natural ingredients.

Liquid Castile Soap

Make your body wash lather like a dream by using pure liquid castile soap as its base. Apart from producing enough suds, it will also leave your dry skin baby soft.

close up of a bowl of liquid castile soap - an ingredient for making your own homemade body wash.

Natural Oil

Choose your favourite organic natural oil. There are many to choose from including coconut oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, etc. Using these will work to provide your parched skin with extra love. It will not only moisturize your dry skin but also heal it effectively.

Shea Butter

Give your body wash an added skin-conditioning power by including raw shea butter in it.  Thus replenishing your skin with plenty of vitamins and fatty acids, of which will sink into your skin all the while creating a protective barrier against its natural oils.  


Raw, unfiltered honey is a perfect emollient for dry, damaged, and even mature skin. It locks moisture in the skin, thereby giving you a soft, supple, and smooth appearance with a beautiful healthy glow.

raw honey being poured onto a spoon and overflowing into a white bowl below.

Vitamin E Oil

A small dose of vitamin E can elongate the shelf life of your natural body wash quite surprisingly. The oil is also highly moisturizing and repairing by nature whilst its antioxidant properties can avert oxidative damage.

Green Tea

Green tea also packs a powerful antioxidant punch, which helps counteract environmental damage and turns dry skin healthy.  You can also use it to heal chapped skin and soothe inflammation too!

tea pouring from a teapot into a clear glass below.

Essential Oils

Last but not least; add a blend of 100% pure essential oils to your recipe to smell good and feel great. The choices are endless, some of the best choices for nourishing and healing dry skin include Chamomile, lavender, geranium, lemongrass and eucalyptus, etc.

How to DIY Your Natural Hydrating Body Wash

Embracing Mother Nature for pampering your dry skin is easier than you think.

It only takes as little as 5 minutes to prepare 8 oz. of your custom-made moisturizing body wash enriched with all-natural ingredientsJust follow the given instructions below and you will be all set to enjoy the thick and creamy bathing treat.

close up of a person applying cream to the back of their hands.

Step One – Making Your Own Body Wash

Melt ¼ cup of coconut oil in a saucepan. For other oils that are already available in their liquid forms, taking only 2 tablespoons will do.

Step Two – Making Your Own Body Wash

Stir 2 tablespoons of fresh green tea leaves in the melted oil and let it simmer for around half an hour. Make sure that you keep stirring it often.

Step Three – Making Your Own Body Wash

Add 2 tablespoons of shea butter to the saucepan and stir until it melts down. Now, turn the heat off and allow the mixture to sit for 5 minutes.

Step Four – Making Your Own Body Wash

Once it becomes slightly cool, add ¼ cup of liquefied honey, 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil, and ¼ cup of liquid castile soap to it. 

Whisk well to ensure thorough mixing.

Step Five – Making Your Own Body Wash

Pour 40-50 drops of lavender and geranium essential oils into the concoction until it releases a subtly refreshing aroma and then stir the concoction one final time.

And finally, transfer the thick and creamy blend into a soap dispenser and it’s ready for use!


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