Create a Spa Day at Home like a Pro with these Luxe Products

Add these products to your hair and skincare routine to achieve professional spa day results in the comfort of your own home.

1. Luxurious Dressing Gown

No spa day is complete without a luxurious white robe and you won’t find a better one than the hooded hydro-cotton dressing gown by The White Company. It’s more expensive than the average dressing gown but it’s well worth the investment. Thanks to its ‘low twist’* technology, the cotton is lightweight, absorbent and fast drying. It will remain supple and soft after repeated washing. Perfect for putting on after a warm bubble bath and cosying up on the sofa with a cup of your favourite tea (or glass of wine).

the white company, dressing gown, pictured being wore by model also.

Hooded hydro-cotton dressing gown by The White Company. £85; Available online at Selfridges.

*Low Twist refers to, “...Cotton that feels thicker and softer than normal, while remaining beautifully light, moisture-wicking and fast-drying.

2. A Skin Brush

An essential part of skin health is using a detoxing skin brush. When you buy a professional skin brush, it should be the only one you’ll ever need to buy as many come with lifetime guarantees. The Detoxing Skin Brush by Elemis is made from high-quality cactus bristles and due to the long handle that enables you to brush hard to reach places with ease, it’s easily our favourite. Brushing the skin assists blood and lymph circulation and sweeps away dead skin cells. It’s the easiest, most effective (and cheapest) way to improve the texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It will give you visible improvements from day 1.

Dry brush the skin before bathing. Start at the soles of the feet using long sweeping movements towards the heart, focus on areas prone to cellulite and avoid sensitive areas. Use every morning before showering or bathing.

Spa Day Essentials: Elemis Body Scrub Skin Brush

Body Detox Skin Brush by Elemis. £21; available online at

3. Foot File

Known as the Rolls Royce of foot files, Margaret Dabbs multi-award-winning tool uses ‘crushed crystal technology’ to give you professional results at home. The elegant stainless-steel body that allows you to easily use around the foot has a lifetime guarantee and comes with two replacement pads. Effective on dry, hard, calloused, scaly and even cracked skin and toes. In our opinion, there is no better foot file.

Margaret Dabbs Foot File.

Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Margaret Dabbs Foot File. £24; available online at John Lewis

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4.  Body Scrub – Spa Day Essential

For deeply hydrated, super smooth skin, treat yourself to a body scrub by Rabot 1975. We love the Sugar and Sour Orange Body Scrub which is enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter. Apply to damp skin in circular motions. Breathe in the goodness and rinse off!

Packaged in a reusable coffee cup – crafted from bamboo, corn fibre and wood fibre that is 75% biodegradable. You can take your Rabot 1745 reusable cup into any Hotel Chocolat cafe nationwide for 35p off a hot drink. Sweet.

Spa Day Essential: Rabot1745 Sugar and Sour Orange Body Scrub

Sugar and Sour Orange Body Scrub by Rabot 1975. £16; available online at Rabot 1975.

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5. Bath Oil

From Neoms’ ‘Scent to De-stress’ range, grab yourself a real luxury with their award-winning, expertly blended bath drops. Naturally fragranced with lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood, plus 21 other essential oils. Adding 3 or 4 drops of these precious oils to your bath will banish stress and make you feel calm.

Additionally, practice mindful breathing while you bathe (breathing in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds) and delight in the mood-lifting aromas.

Perfect for a Spa Day: Neom De Stress Scent Bath Oil.

Real Luxury Bath and Shower Drops by Neom. £45; available online at John Lewis.

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6. Rose Petals

Go all out and sprinkle rose petals into your bath for the ultimate luxury spa day experience.

Rose Petal Bath Confetti. £18.14; available online at

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7. Hair Mask

This super-luxe 3-in-1 hair treatment mask can be used as a deep cleansing scalp treatment, an in-shower deep conditioner or an intensive overnight mask.

Formulated with Frangipani Monoi and Natural Pink Clay, it is deeply cleansing and helps to remove product build-up. A hydrating blend of hair loving oils nourish your tresses and coat and protect the hair, resulting in smooth and silky strands.

Elemis Hair and Scalp Mask.

Known as the “flower of Gods”, Frangipani Monoi is our most loved natural fragrance. This multi-functional deep conditioning treatment smells truly divine. Apply evenly to the scalp through the ends of the hair and leave on for 20 minutes or overnight for a deep conditioning treatment.

Frangipani Monoi Hair and Scalp Mask by Elemis. £34; available online at Beauty Bay.

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8. Body Oil

We adore Restorative Body Oil by ESPA, its rebalancing blend of Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium and Lavender ease anxiety and calm the mind. Along with the powers of Palmarosa helping tone and Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishing the skin for a silky-smooth result. After your spa bath, massage into the skin with firm upwards movements towards the heart.

Restorative Body Oil by Espa. £34; available online at John Lewis

9. Eye Mask Pads

Fight puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet with “Pack your Bags” treatment gel under-eye patches by Tarte Cosmetics. These restorative pads soothe, hydrate, firm and brighten the under-eye area using heat-activated technology that creates a one-way delivery system for complete, concentrated absorption. Made from gellified algae saturated with a coconut-oil-infused serum, the flexible, refreshing pads reduce the appearance of fine lines and make you look wide awake and radiant.

Pack your Bags under-eye rescue patches. £19; available online at Tarte Skincare.

10. Skin Brightening Treatment

Crystal charge your at-home spa day with the Rose Quartz Ritual Kit by Herbivore. Roll and massage your way to smooth, glowing skin using their high-quality rose quartz facial roller and Gua Sha tool with Prism 12% AHA Exfoliating Glow Serum.

Metaphysically known for encouraging self-love, compassion and kindness, rose quartz will instantly upgrade your skincare routine and self-care practices.

Spa Day Essential: Herbivore Rose Quartz Ritual Kit pictured on a pink background.

Rose Quartz Ritual Kit by Herbivore. £62.60; available online at Herbivore. Also available in Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli.

11. Foot Mask

Reveal baby soft feet with Patchology’s self-warming foot mask, that uses the same technology as space blankets, and lock in your natural body heat for maximum penetration of product. Experts in medical patch technology, Patchology’s masks deliver active ingredients straight to your cells for zero product waste and maximum results. It’s super easy and mess-free to use too – simply pop on the booties to clean, dry feet (after filing dry skin and exfoliating) and seal around your ankle with the attached sticker. Keep on for 20 minutes and then remove and discard the booties. Massage excess product into your skin. No need to rinse!

Best Foot Forward Softening Foot Mask by Patchology. £10; available online at

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12. Give Yourself Permission to Relax

It’s not always easy to wind down and relax but it’s so important for our health and wellbeing. Schedule your at-home spa day today. You more than deserve it!

PRO Spa Day Routine:

  1. Brush your skin (on dry skin – starting at the soles of the feet using long sweeping movements towards the heart, focus on areas prone to cellulite and avoid sensitive areas)
  2. File your feet (on clean, dry skin)
  3. Run your bath, adding bath drops and rose petals
  4. When you’re in the bath, stand or sit on the side and exfoliate your skin (do not include the neck and face), then indulge in a relaxing bath.
  5. Wash hair and apply a hair mask. Secure hair with a clip-on top of your head. Once you’ve finished your luxury spa bathing experience, lightly dry your skin and massage body oil into the skin with firm upwards movements towards the heart.
  6. When the body oil is fully absorbed wrap yourself in your robe. Feel those luxury spa day vibes!
  7. Grab some cling film to cover your hair mask and wrap with a warm towel
  8. Deeply cleanse and dry your skin, apply a serum (avoiding the eye area) and roll with crystal rollers followed by Gua Sha movements.
  9. Make sure the under-eye area is free of product and dry, then apply your under-eye patches. Leave on for 15 minutes.
  10. Whilst your eye patches are doing their thing, get your booties on and relax.
  11. After you have removed your treatment masks, finish by using your favourite facial moisturiser.


For the head to toe experience, give yourself a manicure and paint your toenails too. If you use self-tanning products, get ready for the perfect application tomorrow – your skin will be fully prepped for a professional self-tan application (always leave 12 hours between exfoliating and shaving before applying self-tanning products).

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Affiliate Disclosure: We are a professional website and may get commission from the retailers and product brands we recommend in our articles. This in no way directs or effects the content we put out, but it does help to keep the lights on. We are independently owned and the opinions we express are our own, and most importantly they are truthful.