These Are The Best Foundations For Women Over 40’s Skin In 2020

Foundations have come a long way – from brands offering generic shades to now stocking 50+ shades, most with add-on skincare ingredients. Additionally, there has been an improvement in makeup availability, including foundations for over 40s.

This development is definitely good news for women looking to find the best foundation that meets their skin’s needs.

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The changes in the skin texture, that occur with age, make it vital to find a product that applies well, does not crease in the fine lines and wrinkles, along with its ability to hide all blemishes and age spots. Additionally, for women over 40, your skin’s changes may require you to find a foundation for oily skin or a foundation for redness.

Some women experience increased dryness with age and their hunt for a good foundation for dry skin that has fine lines and wrinkles can feel to be never-ending.

Well, we have shortlisted the best foundations for women over 40 for different skin concerns and types. Here, are our favourite Foundations for Over 40s.

Wet N’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation for OVER 40’S Skin

wet n wild foundation - photo focus type.

This foundation claims to be both matte and light-diffusing at the same time. Doesn’t that sound perfect for mature skin that is either oily or combination type?

The Photo Focus range is great in general with the foundation being the star product. Additionally, with this, you do not need to wonder how much foundation to apply as a thin layer does the trick. Furthermore, it will keep the oily areas of the face matte for 6-8 hours.

It will also not bunch up in your fine lines or one of those random dry patches that seem to be coming back again and again as you get older.
Buy now: Wet ‘N’ Wild Photofocus Foundation £4.60 to £5.75 

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Cover FX Power Play Foundation for Over 40s Skin

Cover FX Power Play Beauty Products.

Easy to use packaging and available in 40 shades – this foundation is definitely a must to look into if you are looking for a new one.

This foundation provides a smooth, matte finish which actually translates to a semi-matte finish. Thus, making this an excellent foundation for the dry skin beauties searching for foundations for over 40s.

It leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant, but not oily, meaning that this is also a great foundation for redness as it provides medium coverage when applied with a brush.

Buy Now: Cover FX Power Play Foundation £26.25 to £35.00.

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The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation for OVER 40’S Skin

This cruelty-free formula will not only work as a wonderful everyday foundation but it’ll also provide your skin with healthy moisturisation throughout the day. This can be put down to it containing both English rose water and aloe vera, which are both excellent for the skin.

While the coverage may be light to medium with this foundation, you can build it up depending on how much foundation you use. Additionally, it comes in 16 different shades and also contains SPF 15.

Buy now: The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation £16.00

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Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation for OVER 40s Skin

Foundations for Over 40s: Jouer Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation.

Compared to the other options on the list, this foundation is a bit pricier but it is worth the splurge.

The Jouer foundation is your full coverage best bet for oily and combination skin. We recommend that for dry and normal skin, you use a good moisturiser before applying it. Is this can aid it working, as it’s a lightweight formula.

Even though this is a full-coverage foundation, the final look looks almost airbrushed. For this reason, along with the pricier price tag, we would recommend using this one for special occasions when you feel like getting all glammed up!

Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation £23.80 To £34.00

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The Ordinary Serum Foundation for OVER 40’S Skin

Foundations for Over 40s: The Ordinary Serum Foundation with lid dropper.

This is another all-rounder foundation formula that works for all skin types for women above 40.

The consistency is easy to work with using a makeup brush or sponge, depending on the coverage you wish to achieve and your preference. Excitingly, it is a very natural-looking formula and, like The Body Shop foundation, this is a great product for everyday use.

It has SPF and various undertones available, unlike many brands that are available in the market. Additionally, even though they have just 21 colours available at present, you will easily find a shade that will work for your skin tone.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation £5.13 To £5.70

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Take your pick from our recommendations and please do let us know how much you liked your new foundation!

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