5 inspiring skincare brands that do way more than care for your skin.  

Every time you make a purchase, you are making a vote for how you want the world to be. The work by charitable brands in the beauty industry is truly inspiring. More so, it shows how you can make a positive impact through your beauty buying decisions. This is done simply by supporting brands who give back.

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Cosmetic companies are well known for their close relationships with charities, but while most brands launch limited edition products to support charity, check out these 5 philanthropic cosmetic companies who do way more than care for your skin, all year round, cementing their Charitable Brands status.


One of the Charitable Brands L'Occitane UK: two gradient shaded glass bottle products, lying next to flowers and petals.

L’Occitane en Provence, commonly known as L’Occitane, has 6 clear commitments focused on protecting our precious planet and treating people with respect. Their charitable foundation, created in 2006, has two main initiatives that support visual impairment around the world and economic emancipation for women in Burkina Fajo. Other projects include post-tsunami reconstruction in Japan and preserving the natural heritage in Provence. 

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The Body Shop

body shop shea butter, from ghana, in a wooden bowl as well as the packaging beside it. 'Community trade' products on a vibrant material.

An obvious feature on our list, The Body Shop, launched its first charitable campaign “Save The Whale” in partnership with Greenpeace way back in 1986, defining their charitable brands status. Their foundation, a charity which funds human rights, animal and environmental protection groups was created in 1990. Since then they have launched numerous campaigns which have had a massive impact all around the world.  

Their 1996 “Against Animal Testing” campaign gathered over 4 million signatures. Furthermore, it led to the 1998 UK-wide ban on animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients.

Other campaigns include “Stop Violence in the Home” launched to raise money in support of victims of domestic violence, and their biggest campaign ever – “Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People”.

Charitable Brand The Body Shop: world bio-bridges mission logo imprinted above a forest of greenery

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Their most recent and ongoing philanthropic initiative, the World Bio-Bridges Mission, a commitment to re-wild some of the most threatened areas of the world, has helped to protect and re-wild over 75 million square metres of the forest all over the world. They state that biodiversity loss is one of our planets biggest challenges and explain that ‘BioBridges’ are restored wildlife corridors within damaged landscapes that help endangered species reconnect. This enables them and local communities to live more sustainably. Discover more about their mission by reading their report. 


During their last financial year in the UK, Lush donated over £1.6 million to small charities, campaigns and organisations. Each of these working in the areas of environment, animal protection and human rights. Furthermore, globally they donated £6.3 million.

Charitable Brand Lush@ a vast amount of lush charity beauty pots.

They created Charity Pot hand and body lotion in April 2007 in order to raise money for charities and other good causes. Importantly, every penny you pay (except the VAT) goes to helping carefully selected groups and the work they do.

In the last financial year, they raised £833,265 through sales of Charity Pot in the UK and Ireland for vital and important grassroots campaigns and charities. Globally, Charity Pot is now sold in 35 different countries and in their last financial year, sales raised over £4.8 million – all of it they donate to frontline campaigns for animals, human rights and the environment.

various lush products, including moisturiser, shower cream and masks from LUSH lay on to of an eco-friendly LUSH paper bag.

Although Charity Pot is their main source of charitable funds, Lush also raise money through sales of their Fun soap. They donate 10p from every sale to projects providing fun and recreational activities for children living in challenging environments. Also, they donate through limited-edition charity products and their self-imposed carbon tax. (They tax themselves on their flights and give the money to environmental groups).

Every year, they also give away £250,000 via the Lush Prize, along with donating money through their SLush Fund to small farmers and producers. In their last financial year, the SLush Fund donated over £900,000.

100% PURE

Charitable Brand 100percent Pure: two hands holding 100percentPure Beauty products.

100% Pure’s core mission roots in improving the lives of humans and animals across the globe. They partner with inspiring and innovative charities to take action in the name of a healthier, happier global community.

They provide hearty, nutritious vegan meals to shelter dogs in China. Explaining that these animals often face abandonment, cruelty, and even death in the dog meat trade.

Not only this but for every product you purchase they donate 1 bowl of dog food. Which they produce in partnership with a local factory.  Further defining its charitable brand status.

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Alternatively, you can choose that your donation provides 1 tree to the charity Trees for the Future who work closely with small farms and families to end poverty and hunger within their communities, through empowerment and innovation. Their revitalising, stabilising and planning projects centre around the growth of new trees.

It should be noted, they have donated 212,253 meals to dog shelters along with 346,949 trees. 100% Pure is currently working on multiple projects globally, you can find out about many of their charitable partnerships on their website.


Tatcha is the skincare company that blends Kyoto craftsmanship and wellness philosophies with California natural ease. They believe that beauty begins in the heart and the mind. Their philanthropic program, “Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures” funds girls’ education in partnership with Room to Read. Every skincare product you purchase helps to nurture the beautiful minds of girls in Asia and Africa. Tatcha explains that educating a girl can break the cycle of poverty in one generation: 

“An educated girl is less likely to marry as a child and more likely to marry later, have fewer children, earn higher wages, and support healthier and more prosperous families. Her children are 50 per cent more likely to survive past the age of 5, and she is twice as likely to send them to school.”

In 2017, Tatcha celebrated the funding of one million days of school, which goes far beyond textbooks and classrooms. Each day includes life skills coaching, mentorship, and the tools needed to enable a brighter future. As of February 29th 2020, purchases of their products have provided 3,889,423 days of school.

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Make a difference by donating your unwanted cosmetics

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